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About me

I'm Martin Smith

Enthusiast of technology, design and business.

With more than 8 years of experience in different areas, I have managed to develop a mixed vision oriented to business, technology and online marketing. With a number of fields covered by several years in parallel such as Graphic Design, Audiovisual Production, Motion Graphics, Web Design, Online Marketing, Seo and Data Analysis, I have managed to consolidate them and develop myself as a Growth Hacker or Marketing specialist for digital Startups.

My passion for startups and business projects comes from the many times I have seen people or small businesses with high potential abandon their idea because they can not materialize due to mental barriers or lack of knowledge about the market or their own product.

I always keep my focus on the objectives that really make a difference and bring great results. I have collaborated and developed different projects for startups with the methods and flexibility that the online business world needs.

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What I do

With diverse skills, I can allow myself to be involved in each process guaranteeing results.


The perfect corporate identity for your audience, from logos, banners, interfaces to complete brand manuals and reproduction guidelines.


Explanatory videos, graphics packages, animated presentations, animation tests for interfaces, animated logos and advertising graphic pieces.


Art direction, script, editing and production and color grading, my main focus is in post-production and retouching video scenes.


Creation of landing pages, presentation webs for companies and startups, based on different frameworks or CMS like wordpress and Joomla.


Market research, creation of strategies for social media and other online campaigns, guidelines for content and feasible business models.


Studies and analysis of results, interpretation of data for the improvement of online positioning with SEO and SEM implementations.

Consulting Services

I provide specialized services for startups with a high focus on product conversion and product optimization.

Product Marketing

User needs evolve and products should not be left behind. A constant study of your market and optimization of your products will ensure the capture and retention of your clients.

Developing new products, adapting them to modern times and even pivoting are strategies that differentiate the big ones.

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SEO, Advertising & Digital Marketing
SEO, Advertising & Digital Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Many are the Startups that cannot afford large amounts of investment in Marketing, for those cases Inbound Marketing is perfect because it allows the approach to your desired audience, know them better and be part of their conversation. Being part of the digital world allows a lot and knowing how to take advantage of each resource is the real challenge.

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Brand Management

Your brand will project what others decide to see.

A correct projection of your message is necessary to sympathize with your desired audience, beyond a good image, being consistent and coherent is a priority to achieve the recognition that all brands want.

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SEO, Advertising & Digital Marketing

Part of my portfolio

Diverse Project in which I have participated or fully worked.

Brands I' ve worked with.

I have worked with various companies in different areas.

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I am always open to new projects, consultations or even a simple friendly chat.